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Writing Instruction

As a Writer:

I believe in weaving my surroundings and life experiences into my writing, as well as creatively expanding upon them.


I find that the closer I look, the stranger the world around me seems. I love writing that blurs the lines of reality.

I have studied, written and instructed/edited, extensively in the following categories:

Novel (Young Adult, CNF, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Romance)

Short Story

Poem & Poetry Collection


Non-fiction (articles, blogs, websites)


As a Writing Coach:

I focus on content in my instruction. I work with first drafts full of ideas and decisions, as well as the final stages of perfecting a piece of writing. I provide concrete feedback on the more broad aspects of writing such as theme, form, plot, organization, and point of view, as well as the more nuanced details of language itself, such as rhythm, pace, voice, and word choice.  


My goals in working with a writer are:

1. To encourage each writer to recognize their strengths as a writer in order to capitalize on them, and to recognize their weakness so to overcome them. 

2. To encourage each piece of writing to speak its truth and become its best version. 

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